Amendments to the Chapter 8 regulations of the Traffic Sign Manual (DofT) has led to guidelines being issued in the UK that affects all vehicles working, stopping for inspection purposes or otherwise, on all UK motorways and highways.

The recommended specification is described as: Chevron markings comprising of alternate stripes of red retro reflective material and fluorescent yellow non reflective material of not less that 150mm in width inclined at 45-60 degree’s to the horizontal and pointing upwards.

The markings described above should cover as much of the rear-facing portion of the vehicle as possible without obscuring windows, vehicle lighting or registration plates.

Where the main body of the vehicle (sides) being used is not a recognized conspicuous colour (yellow or white) then the markings should be supplemented by a high visibility fluorescent yellow strip, of not less than 50mm wide, along the side of vehicle as a minimum.

The specification also calls for Red retroreflective tape to be applied to all rear facing edges of open doors, guardrails and equipment lockers.

Maintenance vehicles also need to show a “HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE” legend or a “MOTORWAY MAINTNANCE” legend when working on motorways, we also have these available in stock.

We must stress that the above information as been provided for information purposes only.